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Like it or not, companies have a whole set of prejudices. " I want someone with this degree, those grades, that education....the list goes on. How many of those things are ACTUALLY important? Shouldn't the business focus on what the candidate is CAPABLE of? Past experience doesn't always equal future success. I've held a long belief that CV's are largely redundant. What do they really tell you about a candidate? They spent hours crafting & refining the CV to write what you want to see & hear. Take 10 seconds to think about the amount of wasted hours of interviews you have sat through because the candidate didn't live up to the expectation provided on their CV?

AI is our friend, and will never replace the traditional interview, but what if there was an option to help support your decision in hiring the right person first time?

Companies that discount job candidates because they lack a particular degree or haven’t held a certain title in the past are being both unjust and impractical. CVs give a sense of what people have done in the past; job-seekers may indeed have other talents they simply haven’t had a chance to apply yet, or skills that are easily transferable to a new field, or a capacity to learn specific technical tasks on the job. But how will you ever know unless you give the candidate a true platform to showcase those deep rooted character traits?

There’s no way to the beat the system either. Like any good profiling tool there are no right and wrong answers. There’s only the benchmarking process for how successful they would be at the pre-programme job requirements.

We all meet people who "want to work for Google" They read up on how to nail the application/interview, land the role, and it turns out they are not right for the position.

That might have come to light if anyone had stopped to examine their deep-rooted character traits and their match for role.

TalentMatch is our new behavioural software which helps your hiring process across all levels.

Once we have programmed in your basic job requirements, candidates take a short test and you are provided with an easy-to-understand report of how they rank against the requirements of your vacancy. Removing any bias your team might have against their name, education etc.

You simply pay per vacancy despite the number of applicants, and can be as low as £35. We have a number of free trials available, get in touch if you would like to use it against your current vacancy. richard@talent-works.net

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