Is your team winning? It starts with YOU and how often you shower

Summer holidays are over and the changing of the season provides us with an opportunity to embrace all those fabulous ideas we had or read about while sunning ourselves on a sandy beach. Remember how good it feels to be motivated?

You are unstoppable. You have energy, enthusiasm, you’re bursting with ideas, and you will be at your most productive.

One of the biggest challenges we face in the workplace is how a team consistently delivers exceptional work, day after day, week after week. I was chatting recently with a very senior, very experienced media director about this very matter.

Once you’ve read this, (within the next 7 days), take yourself to a quiet spot, (ideally, take your lunch to a park, or somewhere you won’t be disturbed), turn your phone off, and think about what it feels like when you are motivated. (If a close friend asked you for 15 minutes of your time, you would do it in a heartbeat. Allow yourself the same privilege and space to grow).

What was it that took you to that point? Write it down. It’s probably a culmination of things.

For me, there is a whole list. Primarily though, it’s reading inspiring business books, staying fit & healthy, winning new business and spending time with my little family.

As humans, we are broken though. Our social media accounts would have you believe we’re always in picture postcard places, living the dream.

It’s ok to say and accept we’re a bit broken. We’re not motivated ALL the time, our lives are full of bad news, setbacks and obstacles. So how do you stay motivated, and then keep your team motivated?

How do professional sports people deliver results at the right time?

Why are the USA so dominant in women's' football? Year after year, with different players coming & going, changing the dynamic all the time?

We’ve had a phenomenal summer of sport, with teams showing grit & determination to get the results.

But, we must go back several steps/months/years to understand why were they so motivated to push that extra mile?

Like our fingerprints, motivation is unique to every individual, and until we understand what motivates our team, how do you expect them to feel unstoppable and full of energy?

Motivation is like showering, we must do it daily otherwise it wears off quickly. I’m not talking about grand gestures every day, but for most people, it’s the little things.

For instance, most people like to feel valued in some way. It’s YOUR JOB to work out what that means for your direct reports. Most of us have 5-6 people maximum in that bracket.

If you seriously “don’t have time” for that, or a “regular shower” then don’t blame the team if they are not winning.

It all starts with YOUR first step. If you or someone in your business needs support or direction drop me a line.

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