Our (massive 1,000+ staff) company is looking for entrepreneurs….come join us… WTF!!

Forgive me for starting on a negative, but these types of ads/posts make me angry.

Our lovely media sector is not alone, everyone is up to it.

But, WTF does this mean? Well, Oxford Dictionaries describe it like this….

’ve grown up believing the word entrepreneur is something hard-wired inside of you. It annoys me when I hear about kids growing up who aspire to be an “entrepreneur”. For me, you’re either happy to put it ALL on the line, or you’re NOT.

Coming up with ideas and business models is NOT an entrepreneur.

Someone who comes up with ideas/business models AND risks their livelihoods to try it out IS the TRUE entrepreneur.

And the thing I love best? No matter your background or upbringing, you could be risking £20, £20,000 or £2m. It all boils down to the same mentality & attitude.

You’re either comfortable with that risk or you’re not.

So, tell me Mr/Mrs (massive 1,000+ employees) Company, what financial risks does your employee take on when you give them an employment contract promising to pay them £XXk per year?

AND if you do succeed in drawing true entrepreneurs into the business, guess what happens?

Their creativity & drive for making profit gets suffocated and you don’t get the best out of them….

“Sorry, we can’t take that risk, we’re a £50m company”.

“Sorry, we can’t take that risk, our clients won’t like it”

“Sorry, we can’t take that risk, our board won’t agree to that”

“Sorry, we can’t take that risk, blah blah blah…..”

I’m sure you’ve all heard them before….

If your business TRULY EMBRACES enterprise & entrepreneurial-ism, brilliant, keep going.

If your business or prospective line manager doesn’t embrace that approach, PLEASE cut the BS and stop using that word to pretend you do. It will only end in tears......

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