3 things you’re doing wrong when job hunting

Whatever you think about the relevance of CV’s and online job applications these days, they are still the go to for most employers in the UK. Given an employer will only glance through it for a few seconds, it MUST make an immediate impact.

1. Copy & Paste

To be honest, I could have re-named this blog, “1 thing you’re doing wrong.....” This covers so many elements of a job application. C&P is such a useful tool in the 21st Century, but your worst enemy when writing your application. Every business, and its employees are different, and you should respect that fact by ensuring your CV/application is bespoke to the job you are applying for. Amplify your skills that are relevant to the exact position and make sure their eyes are drawn to the right places.

2. Be more sniper

When job hunting, it’s tempting to apply to every job that vaguely sounds a bit like the position you’re looking for. The sad thing is that employers can see straight through an application that is not written with their job spec in mind. It’s your duty to ensure you recognise the tone & language used by the employer and thread into your application.

If you’re applying for 50 jobs, it can be soul destroying. Be more sniper by filtering to jobs you ACTUALLY desire. Maybe 5-10 max. Think about geographic locations, size of the business. How long do want to commute, would you prefer to be employee number 485 or 26...? With only 5-10 applications, you’ll find you have much more energy to carry out the thorough research required on each one.

3. Use tech to your advantage, but don't rely on it

These days it’s not difficult to find out the name of the hiring manager through social media. If you know their name, and their office address, send them something. ACTUALLY post your (bespoke) CV in an envelope that is not white or brown.....It will definitely stand out & get their attention. (Be sure to complete the online application too if you are asked to).

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