Treat ‘em mean. Keep ‘em keen…

Last time I looked, it was 2018, not 1984.

Thankfully, our fashion sense has moved on from shell-suits. (No smart comments please!!), but it astounds me how many businesses still show no signs of caring for the employee/employer relationship.

People don’t stay with the same company for 50 years any more. The ease of finding a new job continues to increase as the world gets more connected, and yet so many companies STILL don’t think caring for their team is important or never gets high enough up the to-do list to ACTUALLY consider, let alone, action it.

We’re not talking about free fruit and an hour for lunch either. Oh whoopy-doo, a 3-day old banana….

When you’ve worked in an industry for so long, you get to know the culture for most employers, and who to avoid!! Entry-level talent doesn’t have that luxury of knowledge, but thanks to platforms like Glassdoor, they don’t need to. It’s there for everyone to see.

There are some horrific reviews where companies are not even doing the basics right. When was the last time you checked your company on there?

Happy teams = High productivity.

You don’t need to be a Professor to understand that, yet so many senior leaders allow their departmental heads to run their respective teams poorly. Most people only have a maximum of 5-6 direct reports. Come on, it’s not that hard to understand what makes them tick and provide the support they individually need.

Yes, we must ensure the bottom line adds up, but since when did common courtesy and treating people nicely affect the P&L?

In fact, it massively affects the P&L negatively when there is no consideration of the team. Clients aren’t happy and leave, employees aren’t happy and leave. Which in turn, makes you & your business look shit!! No one wins with an uncaring approach.

If one person changes their outlook on their team after reading this, I’ll be a happy boy. Is that going to be you? Or are you reading this in your shell-suit?

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