If you don't want to grow your business, don't read this....

Sporting academies.

I’m not the first, and won’t be the last to comment on the many parallels between a team sport like football/rugby & our media industry. Here are a few of my thoughts on the many parallels;

  • The “best” team doesn’t win every match (or media pitch)

  • The most expensive players don’t always get along with the rest of the team

  • Some players won’t stick around if they’re not playing (feeling valued)

  • Huge amounts of budget are invested in the academies to lay a solid foundation for growth & future proofing. (Oh wait, we don’t all do this do we?)

  • The young players are given immense amount of training to ensure they are match ready for the big day. (Wait, we don’t do this very well either…)

Our success comes from our players on the pitch, but do we (media) really invest enough time & energy in laying a good foundation?

A sports team would never dream of throwing an untrained player on the pitch in an important match. However, junior team members are often thrown in front of a client when they’ve not had the sufficient grounding.

Whatever tactic you take, it’s fair to say that if you grow your business, you’ll need more people to help you run it. As you get older, your new recruits get ever younger. How do you know what these youngsters want any more? You’re old enough to be their parents, dare I say it, even grandparents… euughhh…

There is no question, the next generation of talent want, sorry, expect totally different things to those coming into the industry 20-40 years ago. How do you know what you offer is right?

We know attracting the right talent for our business is hard. Notice the use of “right” and not “best”. How do we gauge “best” talent? By their grades? Come on, you’re not still filtering 100's of CV’s in that way are you? This is 2018, not 1998.

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