How many times a year do you shower?

I’ve been lucky enough to work in many different cultures and environments over my 15-20 year media career. Moving onto better things was sometimes driven by a breakdown in relationship with my line manager/senior director.

It’s been said that many people move managers, not companies, and I can’t help but feel there is so much talent leaving because of their line managers. (whether immediate or further up the chain).

Excellent leaders will keep excellent staff. There’s no rocket science to it, but yet, so many leaders still don’t get that.

It’s 2018 people, no longer will ruling with fear or “my-way or the high-way” work in the long term. Do you really think your team will keep going the extra mile if they don’t respect/like you?

The most talented know their worth, and will tell you where to stick your fear. This will be even more apparent as Generation Z influence our team dynamics in the next few years.

Retaining the best talent starts with you. What you might see in the mirror can be miles off what others see.

Once you understand yourself, it’s far easier to understand others.

I’m not suggesting it’s easy.

By the time you’re having to offer a pay rise or the change of role they wanted, generally it’s too late.

I use football teams as an analogy quite a lot in our people/service-based world. Once a players head is turned, it’s very difficult to get them motivated to play their best for the team again. Even worse if the manager has lost the respect of the players. It shows on the pitch for all to see.

Motivating a team is very much like having a shower.

Playing rounders once a year is not going to move the needle in the long term. Do you expect to stay clean if you only shower once a year?

Frequency is important with motivation, but what’s vital is the individual.

Some people are motivated by a bonus, some by recognition, some by just being influential on a project.

Do you honestly (deep down, not what you assume) know what motivates your team individually? And do you shower them frequently with the correct individual motivation?

If the answer is no/no, we need to talk very very quickly before you lose more talent.

PS – I’m not suggesting you ACTUALLY shower with your team……you’re trying to keep hold of them, not scare them off. 😊

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