Post-Millenials, Generation Z, iGen, The Builders.   What matters more than the moniker, is the path this next generation of talent has ahead of them. 


Life experiences, an engaging career and the chance to seize meaningful opportunities takes precedence.


The fact is, the next generation of media talent simply won't settle for a career they are not passionate about.


This makes for an exciting future.  It also presents the media industry with a challenge.  Because it means we're going to have to work harder than ever before to recruit, train & retain the very best talent.


At TalentWorks we're here to help the industry address this challenge. 


We do this by hand-picking the best young talent for the best media jobs. 


Building a solid career foundation through engaging, practical training. 


And helping media businesses to cultivate balanced opportunities for teams to develop & progress their careers.


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Richard Willis - Founder & MD


Richard has 20 years’ experience in the industry, where he worked for media businesses large and small.  As TalentWorks founder he is respected for his original and pragmatic approach to recruiting, training and retaining media talent.


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Develop your talent of today into the leaders of tomorrow.

Keep the honeymoon spirit alive and improve retention.


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